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We offer breeding for premier prospects.

Horse Training and Starting Colts
$600 /30 days Training with Board

Image 1   Phyllis

Welcome to Black Bluffs Equestrian Center, the home of performance champions. We are a Quarter Horse and Thoroughbred breeding and training facility for the performance industry!  We also offer training of your new horse or to work the kinks out of your older horse.
Our horses are very durable and strong horses. We work them all on cattle and give them the finesse of a reiner. Our in-house stallion, Excessive Prospect, is a supreme match for Quarter Horse and Paint horse mares for excellent performance prospects, your dreams are endless for what you can do with these horses! His family also consists of some of the best racing bloodlines in the world!

We always have horses for sale, young prospects and settled performance horses. Please contact us to see what we have for you! We love to show our horses off and are proud of the land and the heritage they come from and stand for.

My training program emphasizes on softness and bend in our horses to expand our horses ability and performance in any discipline while engaging the horse and rider to communicate and work freely together.  The keys to mastering horsemanship are peace, balance, symmetry, fitness, and psychology.  I can help you improve your riding and your horse by helping you accomplish your individual goals with your horse.  I emphasize on positive thinking and visualization.  Create a plan with your horse and ride it with clarity!